I had the privilege to be raised in a Christian home and attended Calvary Baptist church. At the age of five I knew I was a sinner and on my way to Hell. One Sunday night after church I told my Mom I needed to be saved and She knelt down beside my bed with me and I asked Jesus to come into my heart and save me.

At the age of fourteen I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to preach the Gospel. As many people do I began to run from God. I began to get into trouble in school, at home and in the community. At the age of 19 I met my future wife and began to settle down. I never shared with anyone about my calling but continued to feel the Holy Spirit calling me. A year later Carinda and I were married and began our family.

After several years of running from God He got a hold of my heart. On a very cold winter day in 1994 God called our third child home to heaven. This trial for me is what I believe the whale was for Jonah, a last chance to do what God called me to do. Shortly after this I surrendered my life to preach the Gospel and to serve God where ever He wanted.

I attended Baptist Bible college in Springfield, Mo. Since surrendering to the ministry I have had the pleasure of serving as a song leader, bus worker, youth pastor and associate pastor. I have lived in Waxahachie since 1999. The last few years I have heard the call of God to start a work in Waxahachie. What started out as a calling has turned into a deep burning desire to serve the citizens of Waxahachie and share the Gospel with them.