As many of you know we have been interested in helping hurting churches. Churches are closing at a rate that is difficult to overcome with new church plants. It is, in my view, tragic to see congregations divided, or diminished, and properties liquidated that were once flourishing with bustling ministries. When we came to Waxahachie in 2016 there were five people left after an unsavory trail of difficult circumstances. We took no salary for over two years. Now it seems that the Lord is blessing each week in very encouraging ways. On March 17th Solon Road Baptist Church of Waxahachie, Texas, and Lighthouse Baptist Church of Waxahachie, Texas, Church merged. Lighthouse Baptist Church was praying for a larger place to meet and we were praying for laborers. Both churches were about the same size when they merged. When the merger occurred, we merged the money, the missionaries, the material assets, and the ministers. There was a secret ballot taken on paper by both congregations. Each congregation voted one hundred percent to take the step of faith. It has been a delight to me to see how the Lord has prepared our hearts for this grand occasion.

Since the merger the morning attendance on Sunday is right around fifty. There are about forty in the pm services. I am sharing the pulpit with our co-Pastor James Worley. The church is doing very well. Two Sundays ago a man was restored in fellowship after two years of absence. Two young people were saved on that Sunday Morning and there we baptized five on Resurrection Sunday and one the week after that. There were sixty in services on Resurrection Sunday. One of the men of the church built kneeling altars and they have been used at nearly every service. We have missionaries come to visit with the church regularly and the missions offering is about five hundred dollars per week. We have been able to add three new missionaries to the missionary budget and are planning for a Missions Conference in August. We have not used gimmicks and we are not attempting to be entertainers. Our prayers for laborers to be added, and for revival to break, forth are being answered in in a wonderful way.

Actually, this is a group effort. The faithfulness of our friends and supporting churches has made this physically possible. It is our hope that this will become a trend that will encourage hurting churches. Please remember to pray for us and take this for your blessing as well. We are still attempting to connect good men and with hurting ministries in other places as well.

Pastor Robert Lewis
pastor James Worley
Solon Road Baptist Church